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Composer, probably Italian, of the popular opera Orlando from the 1892 novel Le Château des Carpathes (The Carpathian Castle) by author Jules Verne, better known for his pioneering sci-fi than this gothic-y, romantic-type stuff.

The days flowed on; the excitement did not subside, and it was at its height the last time La Stilla was to appear on the stage. It was in the superb character of Angelica in Orlando, the Maestro Arconati's master­piece, that she was to bid her farewell to the public.


At last, came the final and most dramatic scene, in which the heroine of Orlando dies. Never had the admirable music of Arconati seemed more moving, never had La Stilla interpreted it with more impassioned emphasis. All her soul seemed to distil itself through her lips .... And yet one would have said that this voice was about to break. This voice which would never again be heard.


La Stilla was then revelling in the full power of that ravishing stretto of the final air. She had just repeated that phrase with the sublime sentiment,-

'Innamorata, mio cuore tremante,

Voglio morire.'

Suddenly she stops.

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