Anton von Barwig

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David Warfield as Anton von Barwig
David Warfield as Anton von Barwig, from vol. 27, no. 1 (May 1906) of The Canadian Magazine.

German composer and pianist who has come from Leipzig to New York to find his runaway wife who has their daughter, in the 1904 play The Music Master by Charles Klein. The role was written for and played by David Warfield to great success. "Bronze busts of Warfield in character were distrbuted as souvenirs" at his 1000th performance in Boston. However, he did not play the role when the play was adapted into a 1927 silent film. There the role was played by Alec B. Francis. Unfortunately, it is believed no copies of the film still exist.

A novelization of the play by the author was published in 1909.

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