Allegro da Capo

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Allegro da Capo roadtoozinwhichi00baum 0102.jpg

From the book The Road to Oz (1909). AKA "the musicker," this weird denizen of the Land of Oz makes music merely by breathing:

My lungs are full of reeds like those
In organs, therefore I suppose,
If I breathe in or out my nose,
The reeds are bound to play.

So as I breathe to live, you know,
I squeeze out music as I go;
I'm very sorry this is so--
Forgive my piping, pray!

Illustration by John R. Neil.

He can't NOT make music constantly, which seems to be why he lives alone in the Valley of the Musicker. His name comes from the musical instruction terms allegro (cheerfully) and da capo (from the beginning).

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