Adeline Schmidt

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Rising singer/actress in stage musicals/operettas in 1898 New York, from the 1929 stage musical Sweet Adeline and its 1934 film adaptation, also titled Sweet Adeline.

It was composed by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II.

She sings in her German father's beer garden, and has to chase after her sister Nellie when she runs off to become and actress.

She's seen by composer Sid Barnett who falls for her and insists she star in his next show, The Love Story. This of course angers professional singer Elysia who was supposed to get the role.

Barnett and Schmidt quarrel when show backer and Spanish-American war hero James Day puts the moves on Schmidt and wants her to be his mistress. She almost quits the show, but Barnett browbeats her into performing, and she's a hit.

Later Barnett and Schmidt reconcile, and he composes The Belle of Hoboken for her to star in, and stars opposite her.

Schmidt was played by Helen Morgan in the original Broadway run, and by Irene Dunne in the 1934 film.

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