6 Seconds of Spring

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Boy/mouse band and "global singing sensation" from the 2017 graphic novel A Song for the Thea Sisters written by "Thea Stilton" (Francesco Savino) and art by Ryan Jampole. The Thea Stilton series is a spinoff from the Geronimo Stilton young adult graphic novel series.

The name is a reference to real band 5 Seconds of Summer, with the names of the fictional members parodying the names of the real band:

  • Calcium Wood (Calum Hood)
  • Perry Humming (Luke Hemmings)
  • Smashtone Iwin (Ashton Irwin)
  • Spikey Clefford (Michael Clifford)

The band has come to play at Mouseford Academy and judge a singing contest by the students. So most of the series regulars then try their hand at singing and playing in the contest.