Wendy Mills

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Mills Wendy Broadway Romances.png
Rising Broadway singer/actress from the "White Way Heartbreak" story in issue #1 (January 1950) of the Broadway Romances comic book.

Agent Ben Yokum lures her to Broadway after her small radio success in her hometown of Waterville. Her career gets a jump start after a chance meeting with handsome Ted Lane, who's got "two radio shows, a television show, a syndicated column and maybe a million bucks!" She falls hard for him, despite warnings from Yokum, and Lane's ex, Cheryl Cowan. Ted and Wendy fall for each other as they rehearse together in Lane's new show. But when the reviews come in touting Mills over Lane, his ego explodes. One cryfest later, Mills decides what she truly wants is Lane, not stardom, so she quits the show and marries him!

See also Darla Manners from the same issue.