Darla Manners

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Manners Darla Broadway Romances.png
Wasp-waisted pre-war Broadway singer/actress/dancer/star from the "Yesterday's Darling" story in issue #1 (January 1950) of the Broadway Romances comic book.

She came to Broadway from Indiana, "a scared little country girl with footlight fever." Her first starring role was in Ballyhoo Girl at the Majestic Theater. She starred in Mantrap; Kick Up Your Heels; and her crowning triumph, the hit show Yes, Yes, Yvonne. After Pearl Harbor, she participates in rallies, giving away her records to people who buy war bonds, and dances with soldiers at the Stage Canteen. Unfortunately, her planned USO tour of Europe doesn't even get started as her plane crashes in a storm near Gander Bay, Newfoundland.

After WWII and her long and painful recovery, she'll never dance or sing again. A sentimental journey back to Broadway turns nightmarish as everyone has forgotten her, even her agent Sam Burns, and former fiance and leading man, Harold Bancroft. However, her true love, hash-slinger Jimmy Sheldon, never forgot her, and they reunite happily.

See also Wendy Mills from the same issue.