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Unspecified fictional instrument used in the bombastic symphony (opus 8421) by composer/conductor Horridnoise, in the far flung future of 1995, from the satirical review "The Symphony in 1995," by K. King, published in 1885, in music magazine The Etude, November 1885 (Volume 03, Number 11).

It produces a wail, presumably like that of a cat, thus the name.

The progress from the chord of the 24-9 in the eighteenth movement to the diminished chord of X flat major, is one of the finest effects we so far find. The wail of the catometer, distantly heard through the heavy thud that emanates from the rock and wood instruments, the magnificent roll of the tubs and the final reversion to “the obsolete” movement of the first treatment, brings us to the twenty-seventh.

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