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Unspecified fictional instrument used in the bombastic symphony (opus 8421) by composer/conductor Horridnoise, in the far flung future of 1995, from the satirical review "The Symphony in 1995," by K. King, published in 1885, in music magazine The Etude, November 1885 (Volume 03, Number 11).

The crescendo is intended to illustrate the clashing of forces that would prostrate man if his latent powers did not come to the rescue. We are listening to the wild, discordant strains from those angry-mouthed brass tubes 450 feet in diameter, blown by engines of 8,000,000 horsepower, while all the time the sound of the Machangawang -constantly increasing in volume— may be heard; now afar off; now faster and faster; now breaking the force of the brass a trifle ; again silenced; but now persistently advancing till the power to stop it is broken, and the crescendo increases and our ears are filled with a prolonged note from all the wild instruments, proclaiming triumphantly that they have conquered. We do not wonder that the performers took a nap of half an hour after this effort. Our own brain reeled from the effect of the crash, and we joined with most of the audience in a dose of valerian, kindly furnished by Horridnoise.

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