The Phantom Troubadour

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Revenge-driven costumed murderer in the "Troubador of Terror" story in Human Torch Comics Volume 1, #31 (July, 1948). Real name David Larnum. He murders musician Vladimir Borsch, violinist Leo Briggs, and tries to kill married couple Jim and Luella Clegget.

Shortly after co-writing the tune "Death in Venice" with the above musicians, Larnum was in a shipwreck and was presumed dead by his co-composers. They published the song in his memory, and it became popular. However, unbeknowst, Larnum survived on a deserted isle for some years before making it back to the mainland. Learning of the song's success, he assumed they all stole it from him, and vowed revenge. And also vowed to dress up like an idiot apparently, as his attempt to look like a "troubadour" involves a bright yellow shirt, green plaid pants, a red cape, pirate boots, and a floppy hat with a big feather sticking out. When Larnum comes for the Cleggets, they try to explain to him that he's murdered two people on a wacky misunderstanding, but he tries to murder them. Superheroes Namor and Namora stop him.

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