The Fresh Beat Band

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From the Nick Jr. channel live action kids' series of the same name (2009-2013). If you gave The Monkees a lobotomy, a horse-pill-sized dose of political correctness, and an insatiable appetite for fruit smoothies, you might end up with something like this show.

At least the black one's not in a wheelchair.

Lineup: Twist (Jon Beavers), Kiki (Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer), Shout(Thomas Hobson), and Marina (Shayna Rose 2009-2011, Tara Perry 2011-2016)

See also: The Mighty Music Band

The series was revamped in 2015 as Fresh Beat Band of Spies, an animated, not live action version. The same actors provided the voices, and yes, now they're spies, for a given definition of spies.

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