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The Crazy Dogggz

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Popular duo who are touring the world thanks to their hit "Doggy Bounce" being number one in 24 countries, thanks to manager Murray. From "The Third Conchord" episode (September 2, 2007) of HBO comedy series Flight of the Conchords.

In the following episode, "A Good Opportunity" (January 18, 2009), we learn their album is double platinum in America, their other singles are charting ("Doggy Dance" is number 5, "In the Pound" is number 37), and R. Kelly wants to sing with them.

Then it turns out Todd completely plagiarized the "Doggy Bounce" song and video from a song/video put out by an unnamed Polish band 13 years earlier, leading to lawsuits, and angry fans protesting and burning their Crazy Dogggz CDs in the street. Manager Murray goes bankrupt.


  • Todd (Todd Barry), bongos
  • Demetri (Demetri Martin), keytar

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