The Bugaloos

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From the downright wacky 1970 TV show The Bugaloos. Sid and Marty Krofft, the kids' TV show producers/maniacs who held the color-saturated, puppet-inhabited childhoods of a generation in their hands, created this fake band of British bugs who live in Tranquility Forest and try to rock out, when evil rock star wannabe Benita Bizarre (a consistently over-the-top Martha Raye) isn't trying to bite their style or harsh their mellow.


  • Joy, the singing butterfly (Caroline Ellis)
  • Harmony, the bumblebee on keyboards (Wayne Laryea)
  • IQ, a grasshopper guitarist (John McIndoe)
  • Courage, a drum-playing male ladybug (tee-hee!) (John Philpott).

Their tunes were written by the team who wrote the themes to Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley. An album called, appropriately enough, Bugaloos, was released in 1970 on Capitol Records.

Trivia time! Did you know that Phil Collins of Genesis was almost a Bugaloo?! True! He auditioned for the role of IQ, but was turned down.

There was also a comic book series by Charlton (issues #1-#4, September 1971 - February 1972), and three paperback novels: Bugaloos, Bugaloos #2: Rock City Rebels, and Bugaloos #3: Benita's Platter Pollution.

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