Tait Gilmore

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From the dust jacket of mystery novel The Band Played Murder by Edith Howie. New York, M.S. Mill, 1946:

Connie Waring didn't want to sing with a band; she wanted to be a concert pianist. But a spot on a home-talent radio program wasn't likely to get her there. So she took a job with dark, hawkish Gale Ullman who already had one too many women in his life. And she found his band was not only a thing of sound but fury....

There was Mandy Martin, beautiful firebrand singer, fiercely possessive of all things-- especially Gale Ullman. And Tait Gilmore, trumpet player, who liked his music hot--and hated Gale. And there had been Connie's predecessor....

What had happened to Anne Kent, and why was everyone so secretive about her? Gale Ullman said it was appendicitis, but there were other, less reassuring rumors: she was a mental case; she had disappeared; she loved Gale; she was dangerous. But dangerous to whom? And Dick Travis said she wasn't crazy, just "a nice kid."

Then a mysterious girl tried to see Connie in Chicago where she didn't know anyone.... And in a small prairie town where the band was appearing for a week's stand the murderer struck, and struck again....

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