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An alternately hard rock, metal, and New Wave-y band originally featured in the "Director's Cut" episode (09/02/01) of animated tv series Home Movies. Third grader & film auteur Brendon Small (voiced by Brendon Small) is hired by long haired guitarist Dwayne (also voiced by Brendon Small) to film his Queen-esque rock opera based on Franz Kafka's "The Metamorphosis." Brendon would rather work on his project, Louis Louis, a fictional meeting of Louis Braille and Louis Pasteur. But none of Brendon's friends, who, more importantly, double as his crew, are interested, so he grudgingly makes the rock opera. Dwayne and his band occasionally appear in other episodes to contribute music to Brendon's latest project. Home Movies originally aired on UPN for a handful of episodes (Apr.- May 1999) before cancellation and a second life on the Cartoon Network.