Ricky Vinton

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Vinton Ricky Teen Age Temptations.png

Handsome young bandleader and trumpeter from "The Price of Sinful Dates" story of romance comic book Teen-Age Temptations #8 (June 1954). He gets local Wheeling, Illinois good-girl Doris in big trouble. At a dance, he lets her sing a number with the band, and acts interested in hiring her as a singer: "She told him all he wanted to know. She was young, innocent and luscious to that shrewd lad who didn't tell her his musical career had begun in a reform school band."

He's a bad seed, see? There's a reference to him smoking marijuana. She falls in with his hard-partying ways to the dismay of her ex-boyfriend Mike, and older sister. When Vinton finds out he's wanted by the cops, he takes Doris across state lines to an Ohio motel. Freaked out, she takes his car and tries to get back home with no license, but is pulled by the cops and held. Mike and older sister have to testify and get her out of the jam. She comes home a more reserved gal, trying to get back in Mike's good graces.

Vinton probably went to jail for parole violations.

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