Moe Hill and the Mountains

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Would-be teen rock band from the "Moe Hill and the Mountains" episode (first aired 7 Jan. 1966) of ABC television sitcom The Farmer's Daughter. Guest star future Monkee Davy Jones plays classmate Roland, who's in the band with the show's regulars. Roland even has a guitar with two necks!


  • Steve Morley (Mickey Sholdar), guitar
  • Alythia (Stacey Gregg), guitar
  • Roland, guitar
  • (Richard Keith), drums

They want protagonist/governess/stepmom Katy Holstrum (Inger Stevens) to be their manager. She helps them cut a demo of "I'm Gonna Buy Me A Dog," which was later recorded by The Monkees. The unnamed drummer was played by Richard Keith who was Little Ricky on I Love Lucy!

They play it for their friend Mr. Rapp (Parley Baer), who works in the record industry. He offers them a contract, but warns Steve how much work it is. They sign, but fire Katy as their manager after they only get $30 a week.

The band kicks around some other names: King Cobra and the Rattlers, Digit Dialing and the Busy Signals, and Admiral Dewey and the Permanent Waves.

Steve has Katy read about successful band The Dumplings, which has inspired them.

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