Mirko Zigic

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Serbian guitarist turned war criminal in the 2004 Danish novel Undtagelsen by Christian Jungerson. It was translated into English and published as The Exception in 2006.

One of the characters writes an article about Zigic, "A Guitarist from Banja Luka":

"Mirko was a guitarist in the band and composed most of their music, says Ljiljana Peric, who was at the secondary school in the same class as Mirko Zigic.

"No question about it, he had something special. He believed he could make a living as a rock musician after leaving school. His band played a kind of intense, poetic guitar rock that only became the 'in' thing a few years later. He was good, and we all wished him well, but no one really believed he'd make it apart from the boys in his band and a handful of groupies."