Leaf Seven

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From the "Luck of the Fryrish" episode of animated Fox comedy Futurama (first aired 12 March 2001). Twentieth century man in the year 3000, Philip J. Fry, researches what happened to his family only to discover that after his disappearance (into a cryogenic tube) his copycat brother Yancy stole his name, identity, and worse, his lucky seven-leafed clover. With all this under his belt, former loser Yancy becomes a philanthropist, astronaut, the first man on Mars and more importantly, a 21st-century rock star with several top-ten hits with this band. Then Fry finds out that Yancy didn't steal his name at all, Yancy had named his son Philip J. Fry in Fry's honor. And all it took was a teensy-weensy bit of grave desecrating.