Jojo Man and Brother B

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Unseen band whose tape is to be played at the 7th grade dance to replace The Demon Seeds. From the "Band on the Run" episode (11/11/1994) of television sitcom Boy Meets World. When The Demon Seeds cancel, teacher Mr. Feeny (William Daniels) announces "I have managed to secure a more than adequate replacement, the cool, mellow, Caribbean sounds of Jojo Man and Brother B!." and holds up their unnamed album, "...recorded live at the Fiesta Room of the Montego Bay Hilton."

When the crowd objects, teen Cory (Ben Savage) is pressured into performing with his nonexistent band, The Exits.

At the very end, we hear a snippet of the live album, playing "The Name Game" - with their teacher yelling his name, Mr. Feeny! He obviously bought the tape on his Jamaican vacation.

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