Janice Payne

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Payne Janice Love Diary.png

Singer fronting Eddie Blaine's Band from the "I Loved a No-Good Guy" story of romance comic book Love Diary #15 (April 1951).

"Two years ago, I was at the top of the heap. Why shouldn't I be? I was young, Ambitious, and I had just landed a job singing with Eddie Blaine's Band! It wasn't a big name band, but it was pretty good, and we all pulled together wll, always hoping our big break would come someday soon!"

She weirdly falls for the intense Tom Mitchell, the "No-Good Guy" of the title. He's late for dates, and shows up drunk for Christmas dinner at her parent's house. But then he gets pneumonia and Janice has to nurse him back to health. But when he's better, he takes Janice to seedy gambling joint the Jalna Club, loses all his money, sponges some off of her, and slaps her around.

Blaine helps her get away from him on the band's big break in Chicago. She gets over Mitchell, and Blaine confesses his love for her! They get married, and good riddance to Tom Mitchell.

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