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Real pop star Stacey Q played this aspiring Broadway singer in the "Off-Broadway Baby" episode (1 November 1986) of NBC sitcom The Facts of Life where she performs her real hit "Two of Hearts," competing against cast regular Tootie ().

In a follow-up episode, "A Star Is Torn" (31 January 1987), she sings "We Connect". She gets scared and runs away when her record company wants her to quit her Broadway gig and tour to support her album, Color Me Cinnamon. The cover of Q's own Better Than Heaven album (maybe altered) was used for Cinnamon's album.

Regular character George Burnett (George Clooney!) dates her and leaves to become a roadie for Cinnamon's upcoming tour (Clooney really did leave the show).

Stacey Q also portrayed a member of The Bonecrushers in an episode of Mama's Family.

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