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Country-singing alter ego of Cheryl Tunt, ISIS secretary and choking enthusiast, on the animated spy comedy Archer. During the fifth season, Cheryl (voiced by Judy Greer) has her stage fright cured via a mind-control chip. She then becomes a star (Jessy Lynn Martens provides her vocals). Like a surprising number of other recent animated bands (we're looking at you Dethklok and Shallow Gravy), Cherlene released a real album. But unlike the other bands, her album includes a duet with Kenny Loggins on a country version of "Danger Zone," which is a thing of beauty.

At one point in "White Elephant," the show's fifth-season opener, there's a shot of a Billboard-esque chart that shows her cover of "Baby Please Don't Go" is at number 14. Other bands in the list:

  • Paul McHandle
  • Chris Escherston
  • Lorraine Trotter
  • Ezra Meeks and Donna Benfield
  • Keltone and the Hamms
  • Casey Parsons
  • Ronnie States
  • Daryl Hurd III and the Blue Ticks
  • The Puck Samson Band