Trumpet of Dis

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Trumpet of Dis Skeleton Hand in Secrets of the Supernatural.png
This ancient Roman horn turns up in the props of a gladiator movie (The Gladiator) shooting in Rome. When blown, it summons the ancient Roman god Dis, who looks and talks like a 1940s movie robot. Jealous actress Sandra Forbes finds out and schemes to be chosen as Dis's bride so she can share in his power and get revenge on the other actress Merry Lewis who got the bigger role. Unfortunately, it turns out brides of Dis are sacrificial, and Dis claims her and crushes her to death. Then he wreaks some more havoc until Forbes's guilty ghost appears and tells the living how to set things straight.

From the "Horror in Hollywood" story of American Comics Group comic book Skeleton Hand in Secrets of the Supernatural #4 (March-April 1953).

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