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British prog rock 1970s group from several short BBC television series in mockumentary format, focusing on frontman Brian Pern (Simon Day):

  • The Life of Rock, with Brian Pern February 2014
  • Brian Pern: A Life in Rock December 2014
  • Brian Pern: 45 Years of Prog and Roll January 2016.
  • Brian Pern: A Tribute March 29, 2017 (one-off)

Other band members are guitarist Pat Quid (Paul Whitehouse), keyboardist Tony Pebblé (Nigel Havers), Mike, John.

They broke on the scene with their song "Black Christmas" in 1975. Their albums include Live at the Rainbow (1975), Onion Divorce, and And Then There Were Four.

In 1977, Pern left the group, forcing them to hire American Lindsey Simon, who did so much cocaine his nose fell off. Later, Pat renames what's left of the band Pat & the Patios who have a hit with "Christmas in Me Car."

There was also a sixth original Thotch member called Bennet St. John (Simon Callow).

Pat Quid put out a solo album, I, Quid as well as Tony Pebblé: Periodic Tablé: A Symphony.

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