The Sweet Electric

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Robot rock trio in a series of shorts titled The Adventures of The Sweet Electric by Liam Lynch for It premiered Sept. 2, 2014.

V1ctor Roller, Shay Roller, and Robbie Roller (all played by Liam Lynch) are "androgynoids," near-identical musical androids created by an unseen Dr. Edgar Roller and programmed with Earth music. They're an interstellar touring band in a tour-bus-shaped space ship, The Wandering Thunder. They have wacky adventures before breaking into Bowie-esque glam rock with a splash of The White Stripes. Lynch described it thusly: “I wanted something that sat between The Young Ones, Red Dwarf and The Monkees."

They were formerly known as The Holy Rollers, with the first Holy Rollers music video posted on YouTube in 2011, so Lynch obviously had the idea kicking around for a few years beforehand.

Lynch released two digital albums of the Sweet Electric, Volume One and Volume Two.

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