The Silver Beetle

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Silver Beetle PEP.png
Friendly and useless singing musical robot assembled by Maureen and Mortimer in the "Marvelous Maureen Fights The Grossniks, Or Shelf-Preservation" story of Archie Comics comic book Pep #384 (June 1982). This silly, rambling sci-fi spoof has earth girl Maureen menaced by evil alien Grossniks. While hiding, she decides to finish building this robot she found on the spaceship she stole. Unfortunately, when completed, instead of helping, the robot immediately starts singing, alerting the aliens to her location. Maureen, Mortimer, and the robot are all thrown in the brig in the next issue. They escape back to their spaceship, The Gypsy Moth. The robot has been so annoying they lock it in a closet.

The robot only sings parody Beatles lyrics, like "Bobby Baboon" for "Rocky Racoon." Which is appropriate since the Beatles were originally the Silver Beatles.

He's a model# 4-21-4/K,manufactured by Robots Unlimited, Inc. of New Yonkers, Saturn.

The whole thing feels like an sloppy attempt to imitate The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

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