The Neanderthals

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Neanderthals Alley Oop.pngBand fronted by comic strip protagonist/caveman/time traveler Alley Oop of the long-running comic strip of the same name. In a December 1066-March 1967 plotline, Nick and his bandmates get Alley to front their trio after Alley wows the crowd during their break at a supermarket opening. Out of lyrics, Alley gets time machine inventor Dr. Wonmug to summon his pal Foozy from the distant past, since Foozy only speaks in rhyme. Nick digs Foozy's caveman style, and convinces the band to don caveman garb and become The Neanderthals. This irks Alley, as he is a Moovian, and looks down on Neanderthals.

Then the whole band goes back in time and ends up in the middle of a war between Moovians and Neanderthals. The band plays their music at the real Neanderthals and scares them off to win the war. But then they decide they'd rather pursue regular careers.


  • Alley "Al" Oop
  • Nick Smith, nephew of strip regular Professor G. Oscar Boom
  • Fletcher McGooey
  • Doon Allen
  • Oola, Alley's girlfriend

Alley can play and sing because he used to be Richard the Lion-Hearted's minstrel!