The Main Street Singers

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From the movie A Mighty Wind (2003). An early 1960s large folk group in the mold of The New Christie Minstrels. Formed by combining The Klapper Family and The Village Folk Ensemble.

George Menschell: "One night in 1960, I'll never forget this, uh, we were ar a hootenanny and we were jamming with the Klapper Family. And all of the sudden, I heard it. The sound that I'd been thinking about. It was just... The harmonics were amazing. I thought, well, there's five of us, there's four of them. It's a neuf-tet. And it was there, just in a moment, it was all there. The neuf-tet sound. Well, this thing clicked with the Klappers too, so we joined forces and we became The Mainstreet Singers."

Later, founding member George Menschell (Paul Dooley) forms a new group with some of the children of the original members, called The New Main Street Singers.