The Lord Byrons

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From the 2012 film Not Fade Away. The film follows a batch of unlikable teens from 1963 onward as they get into rock and roll and form a uncareable-about garage band.

Originally The Gene Gaunt Band when they play a basement, they move from the New Jersey suburbs to New York City and cut a demo at LenTone studio of "I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore." The drummer Douglas Damiano (John Magaro) sings better than the lead singer, so they do the demo with him singing, stirring up some band conflict.

Dad Pat (James Gandolfini) is good for some grumpy dad stuff.

Their pal Dave Smith (Chris Bannow) gets signed to Elecktra Records while they go nowhere cause Dave's writing original stuff, man. So they start writing their own stuff.

Corky Curto got kicked out of Dave Smith's band for playing triplets faster than him. Gaunt gets kicked out of his band for embarrassing the band burning his scalp trying to juggle fireworks at a show. So they start jamming together. But that was just a sidenote.

Wells hurts himself real bad in a motorcycle accident and then Doug leaves the band to go to L.A. with his girlfriend and ... uh... that's it.

As Doug says early on, watching an art film: "What kind of movie is this? Nothing happens."


  • Douglas Damiano (John Magaro)
  • Eugene (Jack Huston)
  • Wells (Will Brill)
  • Joe Patuto (Brahm Vaccarella)
  • Skip (Gregory Perri)