The Hippitones

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Hippitones Sweethearts.png
High school rock band from the "Tears in My Malted" story of romance comic book Sweethearts #90 (December 1966). Leader Bret wants to be a star. He also wants to marry girlfriend Leslie, but she asks him to give up his "childish dreams" of rock stardom and get a steady job. He breaks up with her instead, and adds Marion McDonald to the band.

In a twist for a romance comic book, the story ends with Leslie heartbroken as Bret announces his record contract and upcoming marriage to Marion.

Despite the "hippi" in their band name, the group has short hair and dresses in matching suits like the early Beatles.


  • Bret Bollinger, guitar, leader
  • "Jo-Jo" Jones, drums
  • Rich Snyder, rhythm guitar
  • "Blues" Ferguson, bass

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