Stormy Tempest

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From the movie That'll Be the Day (1973). Over-coiffed, pretty-boy 50s rock and roll singer playing an English holiday camp ballroom with terrible acoustics in the 1973 movie, That'll be the Day. Played by real English 50s rocker Billy Fury. He's having a bit of a spat with his drummer J.D. Clover (Keith Moon of The Who!), who'd he like to replace but can't.

Later Jim MacLaine (David Essex) lies about having played harmonica with them to impress his buddies who are in another, unnamed band. The movie also stars another famous drummer, Beatle Ringo Starr as Jim's friend and fellow carny, Mike. Hell, even David Essex is a bloody rock star, too! He had the #1 hit "Rock On" in the UK. Trivia Time! You get to see Ringo's butt! Or at least his stunt double's butt.

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