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From the movie The Devil and Max Devlin (1981). Title character Max Devlin (Elliot Gould) gets hit by a busful of Hari Krishnas and goes to Hell. Hell's Souls Manager Barney Satin (Bill Cosby) cuts him a deal- get three fresh souls to sign their souls to Satan in two months and Max gets his life back. In true demonic tradition, one of his targets is a struggling singer.

Stella Summers (Julia Budd) is a struggling nobody with zero stage presence trying out at the kind of big, lush, well-attended open mic nights that only exist in movies. Max's new powers enable him to give her weak warble the full 70's Barbra Streisand/Karen Carpenter treatment. Audience member and Blizzard Records A&R man Jerry Nadler (Charles Shamata) is suitably wowed, and soon her new self-titled debut album is number 28 and she's out on tour playing to 25,000 people every night.

Yet she finds fame a bit hollow and lonely, and reveals she's really from square-ass Brooklyn and not super cool hippie Topanga Canyon like she said (say what?). She also reveals her real name *gasp* is... Stephanie Pepper. NOOOOOAARRGGHH...wait. What's wrong with that name? Max finally secures her signature just before her song "Any Fool Can See" (music by Marvin Hamlisch, lyrics by Allee Willis) wins a Grammy!

When Max has a change of heart and burns the three signed contracts, you get to see Bill Cosby in full demon get-up, complete with goat legs and horns, bellowing about pain, pain, pain! Stella makes an onstage announcement that she's quitting the biz to spend time with her family- yeah, that claims more promising rock star careers than drugs, doesn't it? Max gets off scott-free, being redeemed by his act of burning the contracts, and God being apparently able to afford better lawyers then Satan.

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