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Spider-Man Marvel Comics.jpg
Yes, Spider-Man. But how, you ask.

Cause Spider-Man put out an album, Rock Reflections of a Superhero (1975), that's how. Not in the comic book, but for reals. Well, as real as a comic book character can have an actual album, that is. But it didn't stop the Archies or Josie and the Pussycats. But it's dang unusual for a previously nonsinging superhero to just up and put out an album. Maybe he needed a check. Maybe Stan Lee just wanted an excuse to hear his own voice more, as he narrates.

Oh but it gets better. On the back of the album are pictures of all the other superheroes as his back up band. Yep, there's a black superhero on bass. Dammit racism, knock that off!


  • Power Man on bass
  • The Incredible Hulk on drums
  • The Falcon - handclapping
  • The Silver Surfer on keyboards
  • The Fantastic Four on background vocals
  • Conan and the Barbarians on strings
  • Captain America on percussion (tambourine- lame!)
  • Black Panther on electric guitar
  • Mighty Thor on ... trumpet?!

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