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Sammy Flash is a rock 'n' roller in a comic serial by Zano.

Sammy Flash appeared in Citizen Noir - One, Two, Three, Four-starts the song! 1. Takt - 4. Takt (first to fourth take), by German comic artist Zano (Christian Zanotelli). He is a rock 'n' roll musician liked by Citizen Noir, the main character of Zano`s Jean-Paul Porneaux und der Appetit des Löwen. After getting inspired by Sammy Flash to make his own music, and unfortunaly getting his playing hand smashed when being mugged in an alley, Citizen Noir seemingly kills Sammy Flash to amputate his hand and uses it to replace his own.

All four "takes" (parts) of the story were printed in German comic anthology series U-Comix # 183 (June 2013).