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Adam Sandler forgoes his usual drillin' for crude in the tasteful 1998 attempt at romantic comedy, playing the title character of The Wedding Singer, Robert "Robbie" J. Hart.

Set deep in the mid 1980's, he fronts a nameless wedding band playing the hits of the day. But when his own bride-to-be Linda (Angela Featherstone) leaves him at the altar, he stops singing. He sinks into depression, only to fall for Julia Sullivan (Drew Barrymore), as he helps her plan her wedding to cheatin' preppie scum Glen Gulia (Matthew Glave).

Briefly mentioned is Robbie's former rock band Final Warning.

Billy Idol, looking only slightly embalmed, makes a cameo as himself, encouraging Robbie to take his terrific songs to Los Angeles and to become a big star. Teddy Castellucci, Randy Razz, and John Vana played the rest of Robbie's band.

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