Piccolo Pete

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From the "My Music Rules" episode (11/08/1999) of the animated PBS children's tv series Arthur. Piccolo Pete is the never-seen leader of a musical clown band who was scheduled to do a show at the Elwood City public library, but he ran away from the circus to join a family (rimshot, please). That's according to the librarian, Ms. Paige Turner (and another rimshot), voiced by Kate Hutchison. Fortunately, this kicks off the plot as the kids of the show cast about for a replacement musician. D.W. Read, the title character's little sister, talks an animated version of classical cellist Yo Yo Ma into performing.

Unbeknownst, Francine Frensky (voice of Jodie Resther) has arranged for her uncle, an animated version of real jazz saxophonist Joshua Redman to play. When both show up, the kids take sides and butt heads over which is better, jazz or classical music. Redman and Yo Yo teach them the painfully obvious lesson and jam together.