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Paralvic Daredevil Comics.png
Electronic sound machine of comical inventor Dr. Gershaway Gig in the Dickie Dean story of comic book Daredevil Comics #18 (August 1943). As Dr. Gig explains: "The gadget you have just heard combines all types of music from primitive jungle to Shostakovich, especially primitive jungle and Shostakovich. It is a synthesis of music so powerful it paralyzes the body!"

Dr. Gig has come to inventor Dickie Dean to get help to use it against the Axis powers, since it's WWII. But unfortunately, Gig's valet Chan is a Japanese spy, and rats them out so a hidden group of Nazi gunners can shoot down the plane they've installed the paralvic on. While Dean successfully crash-lands the plane, the machine is busted. But then they beat up the Nazis and vow to rebuild.

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