Musical Jolly Chimp

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Horrifying, ain't it. From Flickr:‎
The semi-iconic annoying toy; a wind-up or battery-operated monkey that bangs two cymbals together. AKA Cymbal-banging monkey toy.

It was first produced in Japan by the Daishin C.K company in the 1950s. It was copied by other toy manufacturers with alterations, including the name. Different names include: Charley Chimp, Wind-up Monkey Playing Cymbals from Russ, Pepi Tumbling Monkey with Cymbal from Yano Man Toys, Clockwork Musical Monkey with Clashing Cymbals, Musical Monkey, Magic Monkey, and Jolly Chimp. There is also one called Charlie Chimp from Lincoln, which is different from Charley Chimp.