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Muramoto, precisly Master Muramoto, is a Japanese ninja master, destined to train the Spider-Man part-time villain/friend Puma to take on the Beyonder, an all-powerful godlike entity that is the personification of a pocket universe that came to sentience when the villain Molecule Man gained his superpowers and the energies thereof pierced a hole in said universe making the Beyonder aware of ...

Anyway, this almost ancient ninja sensei converted to the Beyonder`s case, joined the Beyonder-inspired sect Cosmic Oneness and started his own (unnamed )punk rock band, with himself on lead guitar and vocals. His first, and to date only, appearance as punk rocker is in "Spectacular Spider-Man vol.II # 111"

Of interesting note, his/their first gig were at a nightclub owned by Ralph Macchio, name of the Marvel Comics editor-in-chief during the time Muramoto rose to punk rock fame.

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