Mike Windgren

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From the 1963 Elvis movie Fun in Acapulco.

Mike (Elvis Presley), stranded in Acapulco without enough money to get home, is befriended by homeless orphan hustler Raoul, a pint-sized, precocious, prepubescent Colonel Parker with cousins everywhere. He takes it on himself to manage Mike's singing career. One incredibly unlikely meeting with the manager of the ritzy Hotel Acapulco Hilton later, and Raoul's got Mike a job occasionally filling in for house singer El Trovador. Soon Mike's singing career is going like gangbusters, thanks to Raoul's incessant hustling. Elvis shoulda fired the Colonel and hired this kid!

But it turns out Mike's singing is just to earn enough money to go home and rejoin the family business in Florida: The Flying Windgrens, a trapeze artist act, so the rousing finale song "Guadalahara" is his undoubtedly his last performance. Which is good, because Mike will need the time to figure out how he's going to smuggle Raoul across the border since he promised to take him with him.