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Margo Bomber Comics.png
Beautiful singer from the Grimm the Ghost Doctor story in Bomber Comics #2 (summer 1944). She was somehow involved with famous and recently dead saxophonist Martie Draw, likely romantically. Overcome with melancholy after Draw's death, her psychiatrist Parker Knowles calls on his old friend Grimm for a supernatural consult. It seems Draw's ghost is haunting Margo.

But it turns out that the maid Marie, who has been attending Margo, has a hidden record player and film projector and his been staging the hauntings to torment Margo and drive her mad. Marie also tries to kill her with an overdose of sleeping potion. Marie is a rage-aholing psycho who thinks Margo stole Draw away from her. Marie kills Knowles, pistol-whips Grimm, and tries to smash Margo's face in with a candlestick.

Grimm recovers in time to save Margo.

Margo's last name is never given.

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