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Animated cartoon cat who intially appeared in a 1989 Paula Abdul music video duetting with her on "Opposites Attract." What could be more opposite than a flesh and blood person and an animated, anthropomorphic cat? Well, if either one of them had talent, that would help make them more opposite. Much too later (1991) MC Skat Kat (voice of Derrick "Delite" Stevens) released an entire album, The Adventures of MC Skat Kat, featuring his over-inflated and undeserved posse of other cartoon cats, some of whom also got to rap and sing:
  • Leo
  • Silk
  • Fatz (voice of Squeak of The College Boyz)
  • Taboo (voice of Rom of The College Boyz)
  • Katleen (voice of Talanda Shorter)
  • Micetro

Trivia Time! This album had the dubious distinction of being named THE Least Essential Album of the '90s by the Onion's AV Club!

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