Lorelei of the Snows

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Lorelei of the Snows Straight Arrow.png
Unnamed native American singer from the "Lorelei of the Snows" story of comic book Straight Arrow #45 (May 1955).

She sings out in the wilderness of Cheyenne Indian territory and hunters who hear her are hypnotized into giving her all the furs they have trapped. Chief White Bull sends out Red Hawk to investigate. He discovers that sub-chief Flying Deer is using herb powders to drug the only waterhole in the area, which causes those who drink it to become easily lured and fall asleep. This lets Flying Deer get all the furs.

The unnamed singer is Flying Deer's wife from the Arapaho tribe. Red Hawk exposes Flying Deer's scam, and White Bull exiles him and his wife from the tribe.

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