Lionel Switch

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Switch Lionel Human Highway.png
Goofy small-town mechanic and amateur musician in the oddball 1982 movie Human Highway. Played with cartoony comic-relief by real rocker Neil Young, he idolizes famous musician Frankie Fontaine. One day, Fontaine's limo breaks down in his town, and while fixing it, Switch gets conked on the noggin, passes out, and has a very, very, VERY extended dream sequence that he becomes a famous rock star, playing concerts, going on tour, being in the headlines of spinning movie newspapers, and jamming with real band Devo (who also play roles in the film) and Booji Boy.

One headline announces that his band is the Wooden Indian Band.

Then he comes to, determined to try for success, but then the local nuclear power plant melts down, accidentally triggering a nuclear war, destroying the planet, and all the characters ascend to heaven.