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Has-been singer/songwriter/teen idol from the four part "Don't Stop the Music" episode (pt. 1 and 2, January 23, 1994; pt. 3, February 6, 1994; pt. 4, February 13, 1994) of PBS kids television series Ghostwriter (1992-1995).

A former star, he's been reduced to working as a lighting man on Lenni Frazier's music video at Smash Records. The label head, Jade Morgan, used to manage him, and dumped him when his songs didn't sell anymore. A newspaper article headline reads "Leif Blames Jade For His Failure." Leif is suspected of sabotaging Lenni's video shoot, but turns out to be innocent.

He sings a bit of his former hit song "Girl" at a record company party. His follow up flops were "Lady," "Woman," and "Female."

Real rappers Dr. Dre and Ed Lover appear as themselves.

Played by Jake Turner.

His name is a portmanteau of real 1970s heartthrobs Leif Garret and Shaun Cassidy.

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