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Singer for small-time, struggling dance band leader Larry Hays in the 1941 film Sing For Your Supper. She's attracted to him, but it's not reciprocal. He's about to be evicted from the dance hall he and his band are renting. But the owner, heiress Evelyn Palmer (Jinx Falkenburg), becomes curious, and stays the eviction to check out the band incognito. Larry thinks she is just dance hostess Evelyn Jones, and they become romantically entangled, which leads to Martin quitting, and being replaced by "Jones."

When Jones is outed by the press as Palmer, she thinks Larry used her for the publicity and quits and breaks up with him. Larry's manager Wing Boley (Don Beddoe) reveals it was all his doing, and schemes to get Larry and Evelyn back together.

Played by Bernadene Hayes.

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