John Smith and the Common Men

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British Merseybeat band that Coal Hill School (London) student Susan Foreman (Carole Ann Ford) briefly grooves to on her transistor radio in the first ever episode ("An Unearthly Child", first aired 23 November 1963) of long running BBC sci-fi series and geeks' delight Doctor Who. Susan is the granddaughter of the mysterious titular character, played by William Hartnell. The band's song (whatever it is) jumped from #19 to #2 on the charts. Susan's hip teacher, Ian Chesterton (William Russell) points out that "John Smith" is the stage name of the Hon. Aubrey Waites and that he started his career as Chris Waites and the Carollers. Presumably, Aubrey finds it amusing to call his band "The Common Men" when he's a son of a peer.

The episode was written by Anthony Coburn.