Johann Thompson

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English classical composer, despite the "Johann," from the "Next Seasons Novelties" joke review in vol. 54, no. 846 (Aug. 1, 1913) of The Musical Times, by Harvey Grace.

Symphonic variations on an original theme,' for full orchestra, by Johann Thompson. (Witzig undWittwenstand, Berlin).

It is with regret that we perceive Mr. Thompson to be under the necessity of going abroad to find a publisher for this splendid work. Splendid it is, in every sense of the term. A fine, broad theme, with virility in its every note, skilfully varied, and richly scored, such, in few words, is a description of this, the composer's magnum opus. Among the many impressive passages with which the work bristles, we must mention specially the broad diatonic treatment of the theme which forms such a striking feature in the noble and sonorous Coda.

It is Mr. Thompson's ability to evolve such typically British strains as these, -great tunes, racy of the soil-that has made his name honoured in America, Europe, everywhere, in fact, but in his own country. But his day, even here, will come. As we go to press, we hear a whisper of a private subscription among his admirers to pay for a performance of this work at Queen's Hall during the coming season. So mote it be ! And may we be there to hear!

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