Jimmy Shay

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Shay Jimmy Master Comics.png
Songwriter-turned-mad murderer in "The Swing King" story of Master Comics #31 (October 1942). An impoverished songwriter, he is forced to sell his sure-fire hit "You Gotta Be Neat," to crooked publisher Max Curt. Soon it's a national hit, everyone is playing it, and Shay, still poor, goes mad hearing it everywhere. Vowing revenge, he murders Curt by hanging him, and leaves a note signed "the Swing King." He kills bandleader Jay Jones the same way, and attacks singer Adoree Daye, who's starring in a new musical comedy based on his song, also titled You Gotta Be Neat.

Fortunately, hero Bulletman tracks him down and stops him in time, but Shay escapes. Bulletgirl and Bulletman finally stop him for good while he's attacking radio crooner Singing Sanders.

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